"who we are"
IMD Star

IMD Star, a start up founded by the team of experts in the field of entertainment and technology with global exposures and experience in rolling out niche products on cloud in the commercial sector successfully across various fields and industries in domestic and international market. People at IMD Star are highly motivated professionals committed on the job, focused on the delivery, dedicated on the support with uncompromising creativity and quality.


Social media or networking platform has been influencing our lives for quite some time now and it is becoming vital part of our daily life. Whether it is a normal chatting or mega promotional event, people are using this platform predominantly. The trend of using it is ever increasing day by day. From ordinary citizen to iconic personalities and even corporates have started using social media to interact with the community at large. Almost everything is possible through social media today.


With this trend in mind, IMD Star has created a smart phone based sensational communication platform for celebrities and prominent personalities or entities which has sizable followers.


Our continuous R&D efforts on emerging technologies in the internet space makes us one of unique Internet product companies.