"what we do"
Mobile App for Celebrities in the field of Cinema, Sports, Music, Politics, Religion and much more

         This is the legitimate celebrity mobile app for your followers where you can interact with your fans/followers on the move and be connected with at all times. Celebrities can update latest news, photos, video and audio contents, exclusive to their fans/followers, straight into their mobiles. Both the celebrity and fans/followers can have a blog, chat platforms & also have links to connect to celebrity‚Äôs official social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. This will solve the legitimacy issues associated with the current social media.

         This can act as virtual hangout place for fans/followers to do any social activities such as Blood Donation, social service, Fund raising, promotion activities like Music Launch or Movie Trailers and much more. with all the fan community or like-minded people around the world.

This app is available on both android and Iphone platforms. The same app is customizable for institutions like clubs, groups & commercial institutions also.